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Outdoor Storage Shed Plans

It’s always exciting to build a shed as you know the purposeful benefits of the effort you’ll give for building a new shed. And even more gratifying if your project end up very solid and nice to look at that you can really brag or talk about when you get along with your family or friends. Most likely it can only be done if you follow shed plans from woodworking professionals.

Variety of shed plans such as garden lounge and storage

Common Types of Sheds people build on their backyard:

  • General Storage Shed
  • Garden Shed
  • Workshop Shed
  • Playhouse Shed
  • Tools Shed
  • Lounge Shed
  • Entertainment Shed

General Storage Shed

Household clutter is a common problem for growing families, Storage Shed come to the rescue to save your time thinking where to put things in order and most importantly to avoid stress when decluttering. Commonly, things placed here are old toys, unwanted sports equipment, old books, tools not mostly used, and other unwanted room stuffs.

Garden Shed

A popular shed for above average size lots is the garden shed, it could also be used as a general storage shed, but mostly used to store garden tools such as lawn mower, wheelbarrow, shovels, rake, or even garden power tools like blowers, grass and hedge trimmers. As long as you make your garden shed secured with locks you may put all you garden equipment, it is not only to avoid burglary but also to prevent kids from entering your shed avoiding unwanted accidents caused by sharp objects.

Workshop Shed

You may call it a man cave shed, hobby shed, or business workshop area, the workshop shed is a bit different from garden shed and general storage shed. This type of shed has an extra space in the middle or side part for your work area. Workshop shed has varying sizes, it could be a midsize shed for your own personal work use, other size could be a big one that you can fit a pickup truck and work area can fit 2 or more people.

Building a small to midsize workshop shed by yourself or with a helping hand from others is possible but for bigger size sheds you should leave it to professionals as it might need structure design with concrete, steel bars and metal sheets. It might also require heavy lifting so don’t take the risk.

Playhouse Shed

Shed for kids is what this all about. This is the most fun shed to make as you can involve the whole family to decide the style and colour. You may also involve kids to paint and draw design under your supervision. Building Playhouse shed is not that easy as you think. You need an good shed plan or blueprint from woodworking professional so it will look awesome. Safety should be the number one priority for building this type of shed, ensure there are no sharp edges and corners.

Tools Shed

All in one spot for your tools, this type of shed mostly contains all your tools regardless of purpose. It could have garden tools, power tools, automotive tools, or any household tools. Having Tools Shed can help you fix things faster as you will save time finding your tools during emergency fixing provided that you store your tools in an organised manner. Similar to garden shed and workshop shed, installing locks is a must to secure your expensive tools.

Lounge Shed

Thinking of extending your living room space, this could be the solution. Having Lounge shed is interesting like the playhouse shed but in contrary. This shed could be a quite place for relaxing or entertainment place for having fun or serious chit chat. There are lots of design available for this type of shed, so better to choose carefully and measure the area and small furnitures you will put in.

Entertainment Shed

A variety of ideas comes when thinking about building an Entertainment shed. It could be a Lounge shed type with TV and sound system, a mini bar lounge, or an event space if you have a big space.

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