Woodworking Plans for Everyone

BUILD YOUR OWN Wood Project and Craft it like a pro. HOW is THAT POSSIBLE?

Woodworking table chairs and bed

With the availability of an excellent plans, blue prints, and 3D diagrams made tasks easy so building your own wood project is possible, or simply call it your own DIY Woodworking Crafts. Also, with the availability of modern inexpensive quality power tools, it gave popularity for the term DIY (Do it yourself).

woodworking step by step

Well it’s a common problem people buying and spending money on the not so good woodworking plans or some magazine subscriptions for woodworking projects and didn’t materialise and It’s really frustrating if you burn tremendous hours and money doing trial and error. The only solution to this problem is to avoid the crappy plans and get the right information straight from woodworking professionals.


Firstly, you need to have a better and reliable woodworking plans and should contain a step by step lego like instructions. The diagram must be in 3D for easy visualisation and to avoid guessworks. No doubt, instructions without visuals should be history.

Next, you must have a complete, precise materials and cutting lists, it will saves you time, money, and less wastes, you should only buying exactly what you need for the project.

Lastly, buy woodworking plans only from professionals and master woodworkers as they know how to build wood crafts from the ground up. Also, another important thing is they know the order of materials needed stage by stage so you won’t end up having a pile of materials and wastes in your workspace.


To save your time and money, you can try TED’S Woodworking, a step by step instructions provided with cutting and material list and detailed schematics, plus you’ll get a good view of every angle, every corner, and every joint.

With this guide, you can create award-winning woodworking projects in a small fraction of time. Make all sorts of projects with no guess works, also it will help you build your confidence and enhance your woodworking skills.


If you’re after for Outdoor Storage Shed Plans, you should try RYAN’S Shed Plans and get more than thousands of shed plans, it comes with easy to follow instructions and 3D drawings. (see link below)

And more woodworking projects you can make!

Wood work sample shed tables wine holder

Well, you’ll be surprised there are thousands of wood work crafts and stunning furnitures you can ever imagine. Below is the list common projects that we all have in mind.

  • Playhouses
  • Dog House
  • Coffee Table Designs
  • Furniture Plans
  • Book Case Plans
  • Kitchen Projects
  • Landscaping
  • Storage Plans
  • Table Plans
  • Deck Plans
  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor Plans
  • Media Center Designs
  • Bedside Cabinets
  • and much more …


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